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List of TECHNOLOGIES & Patents:


Manual 1 – Identifying Mental Health issues (and the roads to recovery)

Manual 2 – Protecting yourself as a Targeted Individual

Manual 3 – GANG STALKING survivor: manual and best practices

Manual 4 – LIFE after DELU-LU rapes and assaults

These manuals are openly sourced by our community. They will be published after sufficient stories have been gathered in support of our own materials and resources. Please send your testimonies and contributions to our manuals to [email protected]

Class Action Lawsuit(s):

  • Join the class action lawsuit initiated by Ryan Mitchell (updated on the 27 of October 2023)
    email: ask @
    phone: +1 602 769 0036

    Once you register, you will receive an email with a Take Action Plan. You will be asked to make a short video describing what you are experiencing and the technologies you believe are being used. Gather all your medical and police reports (if any) to support your claim. And continue to collect evidence using App like “Air guard”, EMF detectors… You will be asked to sign your authorisation under the freedom of information act.