These are the papers shared with me by Barrie Trower. Please DO NOT shoot the messenger, thank you


I went to see Barrie Trower last week. For people who don’t know who Barrie is, he is an ex military British Microwave Weapons Expert, his credentials are in the video. I am truly hoping this video will give the community everything they want. I have been contacted by a couple of people, that specifically wanted to know about the blood test details, I’m sure they should be there somewhere, I have not had time to go through everything, due to how hectic it has been for me over the past week or two.

Please Mkultra survivors, Targeted Individuals and Havana Syndrome survivors, please come together, let’s make this community strong, and let’s get the word out globally. I would like to add this; as I mentioned in the video, I am truly ashamed of my behaviour on Sunday, and over time, this was not me, I apologise to one and all, with true sincerity. Please like, share far and wide, please get anyone and everyone to subscribe, let’s collectively get these evil programs shut down, forever.

Peace and love always, Roy