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    YOU were trademarked from birth … NOT by a group of SAD SACKS with technologies!
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    Thank you for registering to Targeted Individuals United. Please download this PDF that will help you undertsand how to find your place in our community. You can watch or you can build with us. Both are your decision and we will accomodate your choices!

    This PDF is available from your account, without giving away anything else than your email (for login/registration information).

    Example of GANG STALKING materials you can share with us:

    Gang Stalkers
    GANG STALKING (Kettering – United Kingdom)


    Example of TARGETING you can share along with the diaries of *coincidences:

    Ambulance ready
    AMBULANCE parked and ready to collect a TI under V2K – (May 2023) United Kingdom. Move off quickly on video aware of being filmed!


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